Payroll Services

Payroll services Stockport, Manchester and the whole of the UK. Try our web based payroll system, its very convenient and fantastic value!

Throughout the Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire area and beyond, we offer a traditional payroll service, where you fax, ring, or email the gross pay figures to us and we run the payroll on your behalf. However, more and more clients are opting for our web based payroll system.

You simply log-in, update the gross pay details as necessary and then click run. Its that simple. It takes no longer than it would to email the gross pay figures to us. You can then print off payslips and payroll reports, including all the history. If you opt for the web based system, it only costs £1 per employee per month, even if you run a weekly payroll.

  • You do not need to buy any software or download anything to install on your computer, just register your company details with us and begin.
  • We upgrade the system every year when the Government changes are applied, YOU do not need to do anything.
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Online help resolves problems quickly, if it doesn’t, simply give us a ring.
  • No need to backup your data
  • No updates to install
  • If you have a PC disaster just log into our web site from another computer.
  • Also offers new functionality for recording personnel details and for producing and electronically filing the annual P9D and P11D returns.
  • The HR functionality enables recording of additional personnel details. e.g. records of any CRB checks, Badge numbers and car details, and;
  • Information about dependants and contacts for each employee;
  • Keep a record of positions held and the results of any reviews, together with any training undertaken;
  • Record disciplinary actions involving employees.
  • to set up your web based payroll, telephone 0161 612 0077

    “It’s saving me a packet!! I paid my last accountant £19 per week for my 9 employee payroll, I’m saving almost £900 per year, and everything is at my fingertips when I want it- it’s a fantastic service!” Mr J, Manchester