The ride from Blackpool Tower to the Eiffel Tower is to start on Saturday July 20th from Blackpool arriving in Paris on Saturday 27th July. More details on

Confirmed Route : (All Distances are approximate)

Day 1: Blackpool to Manchester – (51.46 miles)

Day 2: Manchester to Barlborough – (60.94 miles)

Day 3: Barlborough to Huntingdon – (94.5 miles)

Day 4: Huntingdon to Northfleet – (89.63 miles)

Day 5: Northfleet to Calais – (90.97 miles)

Day 6: Calais to Amiens – (100.69 miles)

Day 7 : Amiens to Chantilly (71.4 miles)

Day 8: Chantilly to the Eiffel Tower cia the Champs Elysee – (31.75 miles plus a celebration evening dinner cruise along the Seine)


This 30 mile section could have been tacked onto day 7. The idea is to arrive in Paris exhilarated and ready to party, not knackered and ready for bed !