Following changes to the law, H M Revenue & Customs now have much stronger powers to require that you provide evidence to back up entries on your tax returns. For business owners this means your accounting records and supporting documentation need to be of very good quality.

If HMRC can demonstrate that your records are less than effective you will face penalties.

The legislation requires you to:

“keep all such records as may be requisite for the purpose of enabling him (you) to make and deliver a correct and complete return for the year or period.”

In future you will need to keep a careful eye, not only on the results generated by your accounting software, but also on the completeness of the underlying records. It may well be the case that we offer you advice to improve the way you process and maintain records.

Records include supporting documentation such as, accounts, books, deeds, contracts, vouchers and receipts.

We are now delighted to offer all clients an easy to use online accounting system. We have held off from doing this for a long time, in an effort to ensure that the solution we offer is the best. That means easy to use, and useful information graphs, and reports at your fingertips.

If you would like us to review your accounting systems and record keeping prior to the tax year end please give us a call.