You may have in the past overpaid VAT output tax or underclaimed VAT input tax, and this might date back many years. Now is the time to claim the overpayment back from H M Revenue & Customs.

– Claims can be back dated to April 1973, or the date of your VAT registration if later.
– But the deadline for submitting a claim is the end of this month, 31 March 2009.

It is possible to base a claim on a reasonable and valid estimate if the underlying records no longer exist. Claims can include a request for interest.

The following list includes items for a possible claim:

* Mileage costs paid to employees
* Staff expenses
* Subsistence
* Recovery of VAT on imports

If you are at all unsure about VAT that has been added to particular supplies you have made, or whether VAT should have been recovered on certain costs, please call.