If you own a business property you are probably aware if the property is subject to an election to tax for VAT purposes. If you charge VAT on the rents invoiced to your tenants, you will have an election to tax in place.In certain circumstances this can be a commercial inconvenience!

Rental issues
For example certain businesses, banks, unregistered small businesses, will be keen to find premises that have no election to tax in place, otherwise they will be charged 17.5% VAT which they cannot recover.

Purchase and sale
If there is an existing election to tax when a property is sold 17.5% VAT is added to the sale price, a significant problem if you are a purchaser who is not registered for VAT.

2009 and the 20 year rule
The election to tax, once made, cannot be revoked for 20 years. Interestingly the first elections to tax were granted in 1989, 20 years ago next year!

If there would appear to be an advantage for the original election on your property to be revoked, you may like to find out when the election was granted. If it was during 1989, you should be able to file a formal revocation on the 20 year anniversary date.

Flat Rate Scheme

Beware of selling a property if you are in the flat rate VAT scheme. Ask our advise before you sell.